From an early age Will was drawn to garden mowing, see the picture above taken in Steep around 1956.

As a teenager besides mowing the family lawn in Petersfield he took on several mowing jobs around town.

A few weeks of factory work quickly encouraged Will to take the offer of a job on a dairy farm were he found a liking for mowing on a bigger scale. He went on to work at Harting Grass Drier where grass crop cutting and processing went on 24 hours a day.

In 1973 Will was offered a position with a farm contractor working across Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Wiltshire. The focus was on industry leading operations in heavy grass and maize foraging,  Anhydrous Ammonia Fertiliser Soil Injection (nh3) and Direct Seed Drilling with Bettinson triple disc machines. After a short spell of forestry work in the 80s’ Will was asked to join a Catherington based company where his portfolio expanded to include wild flower sowing with a Hunters Slot Seeder, hedge trimming, farm construction, concreting and 360 excavator operating, including using the excavator for large scale garden, agricultural and industrial landscaping.

After the birth of his daughter, Milly, in 1992, Will became house husband and took various part time jobs. One of these was lawn mowing in Froxfield, and he was soon in demand for mowing and hedge trimming around the village.

Will bought a van and set up shop gardening with help from his long term friend John Guy a garden machinery supplier.

Will now gardens across East Hampshire including still working for that first gardening client.

Will steps out with his first mower in Church Road Steep in 1956.

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