Will Brown Gardening Services Suspended

Following 15 months of shielding will has decided to retire..

Previous customers are welcome to contact Will on 07958 474966

Will Brown Hourly Garden Services

1996 to 2021

Mobile: 07958474966

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Client’s comments

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D. B. - Stroud.

Looks much better, that ivy must have been a real battle, good job well done.

J. L. - Froxfield.

Many thanks for all your help over the years with your hard work with hedges and grass. We are bound to miss your expertise after we move away.

C. W. - Southsea.

As ever thanks for the hedges and garden, I always feel so much better when you have done it.

M. B. - Petersfield.

Thanks you so much for your clever work, beautifully done..

C. B. - Cowplain.

Thank you Will, the garden looks absolutely great.

C. S. - Horndean.

Thanks for doing that excellent work so promptly, and working round the nest, the fledglings have now successfully flown.

J. L. - Steep.

That was a tough job cutting all that long grass, looking forward to you cutting the hedges again soon.

J. D. - Hayling Island.

Thanks for your help.

A. D. - Privett.

Thank you - hedges look great.

R. F. - Froxfield.

Dear Will, many thanks for your excellent work - and in particular for dealing with our wheelbarrow  tyre.

B. G. - Steep Marsh.

Thank you for the great work you have done in my garden.

D. N. - Widley.

The work you have done for me is great, thank you for your time and efforts .

J. T. - Catherington.

Many thanks the lawns look great.

D. H. - Petersfield.

The garden looks so much better, especially with all the shrubs trimmed.

B. D. - Purbrook.

THANK YOU for all the work you have done in both gardens, they look a lot tidier and healthy.

R. F. - Steep.

May I say how  pleased I was with your efforts at our Southsea House. The estate agent was so impressed he took a picture of the garden for the sales literature. When he first went there after the tenant moved out he was unable to open the back door - the garden was that overgrown.

A. P. - Lovedean.

Many thanks for all your help over the years, mum always appreciated everything you did.

D. E. - Waterlooville.

You have done a wonderful job thank you so, so much!! You now have a repeat customer.

F. S. - Froxfield.

The garden looks MUCH better. Thank you so much. Amazing what a good result you produced in quick time.

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